Humberston Lions 5/5/5 Challenge



Charity No.  1175823


Would you like to help your local Grimsby NHS workers?

If so you can help us to help them by going…….

Step by step!!

Step 1   Measure your daily exercise routine until you have walked, run, or cycled 5km (3.1 miles) or 5000 steps, or even 5 times round your garden, or up and down stairs, basically 5 of whatever YOU can manage.

Step 2   Donate £5 on the Humberston Lions Just Giving 5/5/5 Campaign page ( ) via card or PayPal, or by cash directly to a member of Humberston Lions  by pressing the donate button on our web page.

Step 3   Invite 5 of your friends, family, neighbours, or colleagues via Facebook, Twitter or even face to face and ask them to complete the challenge remembering to nominate 5 of their friends if possible.

Step 4   To make it more fun you could also upload a picture of yourself doing the challenge and let all your friends know you are doing your bit to help Humberston Lions to help your local NHS workers.

Step 5  Have fun while you do your exercise knowing that you are helping to make the lives of our hospital staff that little bit better, but please exercise social distancing whilst you are out and about.

This is the 5/5/5 CHALLENGE

ALL of the money raised will be spent on making the lives of our fantastic NHS staff that little bit better.

Contact Humberston Lions on 01472 451466 or 07930192058 or

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